We use the most technologically advanced Automated Laser Cell laser cutting machines. It is capable of operating without human supervision 24-hours a day, even in an unmanned/lights out working environment. This means that orders and products can be completed with a faster turnaround, which also saves our customers money.

Using the latest CNC laser cutting and Punching technology means that Bundal Powder Coating can offer you customize, create, and produce locally one of the most amazing customized product you have ever seen! Stunning Security doors design, decorative pannels, window security, pool fencing and much more with the highest and premium material CNN cut out of the same marine grade material used to build marine vessels— yes, the toughest 5052 Marine-grade aluminium used to build marine vessels!

Another major benefit of the laser cutting process is the machine’s ability to consistently cut irregular shapes accurately. It also optimises all of the available space on the sheet, which reduces the amount of waste left over after a product is finished.


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