Preparation is a vital step in producing professional, everlasting results in powder coating. Ensuring that the metal surface is cleaned and protected for prevention of rusting and that the powder adheres to the metal surface. This is a must for all surfaces to be powder coated.

Abrasive Blasting Service, Grit Blasting (Sand Blasting).

Global Powder Coating offers an independent relentless blasting service which can be used in combination to our specialty powder coating services.

From gentle Class 1 etching through to heavy-duty class 3 preparation, our team is well trained to pre-treat your products and components to exacting requirements.

With a very large blasting room, items up to 15m long x 4m high x 4m wide can be accommodated, making Global Powder Coating a unique provider only in Australia, other than nowhere in this world.

Global Powder Coating is a unique polishing or cleaning a hard surface by rubbing or grinding. pre-treatment due to its controlled and gentle nature.

This ensures the protection of the underlying product and enables a good surface preparation.

Talk to our team today about our specialized abrasive blasting services to fulfill your need beyond your imagination.

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